The start of the new season of the Italian championship is in full swing, and the main event of the season is the fight for the title between Juventus and Inter. The main intrigue is the transfer of the main star of the Old Signora, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has been playing for Juventus since he was a young player, and he has become one of the best players in the world.
The Portuguese star is a free agent, and his contract with the Old Signal is due to expire in 2020. However, the club is not ready to give up on him, and they are trying to sign him for a long-term contract.
However, the transfer will not be easy for the club, because the Portuguese star has a number of interests. The most important of them is the fact that he wants to play in the Champions League. The club has a long list of candidates for the position of the replacement of Ronaldo in the lineup, but the most interesting of them are:
* Gattuso;
* Di Maria;
• Mandzukic;
· Modric.
It is difficult to say which of them will become the new star of Juventus.

The transfer of Ronaldo will not please everyone, because it is clear that the Portuguese player is not happy with the current situation in the club. It is also worth noting that the club does not have a long term contract with him, so the transfer is a last-ditch attempt to save the club from the crisis.
Will the transfer affect the fight of the teams for the champion title?
The fight for victory in the Italian Serie A is already in full flow, and it is now very difficult for the teams to keep up with the competition. The teams are fighting for the place in the elite of the championship, and this is reflected in the standings of the Serie A.
In the current season, Juventus and Atalanta are the main contenders for the victory in Serie A, and both of them have a chance to win the title. The Bianco Neri is in a very good shape, and its main star Cristiano has already scored a lot of goals. However the team is not in the best condition, and there is a risk that the team will lose points in the matches against weaker opponents.
Atalanta is also in a good shape. The team has a good lineup, and many players are in good shape after the start of this season. However it is still unclear who will be the main player of the team in the next season. The transfer of Cristiano is one of those moments when the team has no choice but to play with a new player.
Who will be Atalantas main star?
Juventus and Atletico will be very interesting to watch in the fight to win gold medals in the championship. The situation in both clubs is not the best, but they are still the main favorites of the fight.
Juve has a very strong lineup, which includes:
1. Cristiano.
2. Gatt�s.
3. Mertesacker.
4. Allegri.
5. Allegrezi.
6. Mancini.
7. Di Maria.
8. Allegrini.
In addition to Cristiano, the team also includes:
* De Ligt;
* Di Maria
* Allegri;
* Mancinni.
All of them can play in any line. The problem is that the lineup of the Turin club is very unstable, and sometimes it can change in a matter of seconds.
Despite the fact, that the situation in Atalante is not so bad, the main goal of the club will be to win a place in European competitions. The current season is very difficult, and all the teams have a good chance of winning the title, and their competitors are also very strong.
What are the chances of the Juventus team to win La Liga?
In La Liga, the teams fight for a place at the top of the standings, and in the current campaign the Bianco-Neri have a very difficult task. However they are the favorites of this fight, and if they manage to win their home stadium, they will be able to win any match.
This season, the Turineses have a number 1 and 2, and even if the team does not win the championship yet, it will be a real achievement. The following factors will determine the success of the Bianconeri in the upcoming season:
· playing in the Europa League;
· long bench;
··· good selection of players.
Of course, the first two factors are very important, but if the club manages to play well in the domestic arena, it can help it to win many points in Europe.
How will the team’s lineup look in the future?
It has been known for a while that Cristiano will not stay in Turin. However he will not leave the club for a very long time, because he wants the team to be in a position to win in the European cups.
He has a contract with Juventus for another five years, so he will be free to leave the team at any time.

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