The team is in the middle of a busy season, and it is important to keep the players motivated. The main goal is to finish in the top four of the standings. The team has already managed to achieve this, but it is necessary to continue to work hard, because the team has a lot of chances to improve its position.
The Grifone team has an excellent opportunity to improve the position in the standings, because it is very difficult to finish among the leaders, especially in the first half of the season. The following teams are in the fight for the title:
* Milan;
* Napoli;
* Juventus;
* Inter.
However, the Grifones have a good chance to get into the top-4, because they have already managed it in the previous season.

The main goal of the team is to win the Scudetto, because this is the most prestigious trophy in the Italian championship. In the current season, the team will have to play with Juventus, Inter and Milan.
In the next season, Juventus will have a lot more chances to win, because its rivals will be:
β€’ Milan;
β€’ Napoli.
It is very important for the Grifione to focus on the next campaign, because if it does not manage to win a trophy, then it will be extremely difficult to get to the Champions League zone.
Where can the team expect to finish the season in the elite?
In this season, it is extremely important for Juventus to win La Liga. The Grifon team has the chance to improve their position in Serie A, because in the next year it will have more chances of getting into the Champions league zone. The current season is very busy for the team, because there are many confrontations with its main rivals.
Among the main contenders for the victory in the domestic championship are:
1. Inter. The club has a good opportunity to get out of the group stage, because Inter is the main competitor of the Griffini. The Italian team has not been in the Champions Cup for a long time, and the last time it participated in the tournament was in the year 2000.
2. Milan. The Milan team has been in Serie a for a few years, and this is a good reason to believe that it will not lose points in the championship.
3. Napoli, which is in a fight for a place in the Europa League zone, but is not in the strongest part of the league table.
4. Roma. The Roma team is very strong in Serie B, but the team does not have a long winning streak.
If the Griffs finish in a place among the top 4, then they will be able to participate in the playoffs. This will be a great opportunity to show their skills, because many of the competitors will be very strong, but they will not be able take advantage of the fact that the Griftons will be stronger.
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The season 2018/19 is in full swing, and there is a lot to look forward to. The football season is in its final stage, and already this year, the number of matches has increased significantly. The number of participants in the championships has increased, too. This is another proof of the progress of the Italian national team.
This season, Italy will play not only in the European cups, but also in the national championship. The national team is the strongest in the world, and its players are able to demonstrate their skills in the international arena.
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Team’s chances of winning the World Cup
The football season 2018 has already come to an end, and now it is time to look at the results of all the matches. The Italians are very confident about their chances of finishing in the final zone of the tournament table. The country has a long and successful history of winning gold medals.
At the moment, the main competitors of the Italians are: England, Germany, Brazil and Argentina. The English team has recently become stronger, and in the current campaign it is quite capable of winning a place at the World cup. The German team is also quite capable, but in this case it is not able to win gold medals, because of the lack of experience.
But even without the participation of the Germans, the chances of the country of the Eternal City are quite high. The players of the German national team have already won the European Championship, and they are able not only to demonstrate good results, but to win individual awards.
Will the team of Borussia Dortmund be able not to win any trophy in its career?
This year, it will once again be the German team that will be the main contender for the gold medals in the World championship. However, the current performance of the club does not justify the trust of the fans.
Borussia Dortmund has not won a single trophy in their career. The previous champion title was won in the season 1997/98. This year, Dortmund is not even in the list of the top 10 clubs with the best results.

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