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The summer of 2016 has seen a lot of interesting transfers in the Italian football. One of the most interesting transfers is the one of the club from the city of Brescia, FC BelGRano. The team is now playing in Serie A, and it is now the main contender for the title. The club has been in Serie B for several years, but it has recently managed to win the championship. The main goal of the team is to get into the Champions League zone, which will be a real test for the team.
The team has a number of players who are already in the first team. Among them are:
* Mauro Icardi;
* Antonio Nocerino;
* Marco Parolo;
* Gianluca Pagliuca;
and so on.
Among the newcomers are:
* Fabio Pisacane;
and so on
The club has recently signed a number players, who will help the team in the long run. Among the newcomers is:
1. Gianlorenzo Simeone;
2. Marco Parola;
3. Alberto Gilardino.
In the summer of 2015, the club signed a young player from the Lazio, who is now a key player of the squad. He is a young midfielder, who has already managed to score a number goals for the club. He was signed from Torino, and he has already become a real star of the Italian Serie A.

The transfer of the player is a real success for the fans of the Serie A club. The fans can see the results of the new player in the following matches:
· Milan;
· Juventus;
• Napoli;
And so on, and so forth.
You can always follow the results on the official website of the sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time.
Football transfers in Serie C
The new season of Serie C has started, and the main goal for the teams is to qualify for the playoffs. The first matches of the season have shown that the teams have a lot to improve. The most obvious problem is the lack of motivation of the teams.
However, the main thing is that the season is long, and there is still a lot for the clubs to improve in the next season. The teams have to be ready to play against the teams from the lower divisions. The Serie C is the third most popular championship in Italy, and its teams are very strong.
At the moment, the teams are fighting for the places in the playoffs, and they have to play each other in the best way. The clubs have a number matches ahead, and we will see how the teams will perform in the face-to-face matches.
Serie C transfers in summer
The main transfer of Serie A in the summer was the signing of a young Italian player from Lazio. The player is Gianlupo Pisacano. He has already scored a number goal, and now he will help his team in scoring goals. The new player will join the team on loan, and will be able to play in the Serie C. The transfer is a success for Lazio fans, who have a real reason for optimism.
It is worth noting that the transfer of Pisacanese is a good decision for the whole team. The young player has already shown that he is able to score goals, and this is a great thing for the Laziali.
Another transfer that is worth mentioning is the transfer to Juventus. The signing of the young player is another good decision by the club, and you can always see the result of the transfer on the sports page of the website.
Fscore football scores
The season of the national championship is almost over, and many teams have already qualified for the play-off round. The championship is very interesting, and a lot has been changed in the last few years. The top four teams of the championship have already been decided, and all the teams need to improve their performance in the matches against the lower division teams. The national championship has now ended, and teams have the opportunity to play for the champion title.
This year, the championship has been very interesting. The tournament has a lot in common with the Champions Cup, and each team has to show its best game. The strongest teams have won the tournament, and their victories have been decisive.
There are a lot more interesting games ahead, so the fans can expect a lot from the championship, and if they are able to predict the winner, they will be right.
Main transfers of the summer
In summer, the clubs have made a number transfers, and among them are the following:
• Gianlumonaco;
• Fabio Cannavaro.
Both players are young, and have already managed their first season in the national team. Gianlumo has already made a good impression on the national squad, and has already been called up for the national games. The Italian national team has been quite inactive in the international arena, and Cannavaroro has been called to the national teams. He will be an important player for the Juventus team. He can also be used in the forward line, which is quite a good option for the Italian club.

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