The new season of Serie A has started, and it is clear that the main contenders for the title are the teams that were already in the top 4. This is the case of Juventus, Inter and Lazio.
Lazio is the team that is considered the main outsider of the new season. The team is not the most stable, and this fact is reflected in the results of the team. The club has not been in the Champions League for a long time, and the fans are expecting a lot from the team this year.
However, the main problem of the club is the lack of motivation. The main star of the Lazio team is Mauro Icardi, who is considered by many fans the best player of the Old Signora. However, the team does not have a good strategy for the game, and there are many problems that are not yet solved.

The team has a good squad, and many of the players have already won the Champions Cup. However this does not help the team in the long run. The players are not ready to play for the champion title, and they are not able to give 100% in every match.
This is the main reason why the team is struggling to get into the top four. The fans are waiting for the team to show results that will allow it to get to the Champions league zone.
Main Favorites of the Season
The main favorites of the upcoming season are:
1. Juventus. The Old Signorile have been the main contender for the championship for a few years now, and now the team has become even stronger. The previous season, the club managed to finish in the first place, but this time it is much more likely that the team will get into a new Champions League zone. This will be a great opportunity for Juventus to show its skills and achieve great results.
2. Inter. The Italian team has been in a very bad shape for a while now, but it is now much stronger than before. The last season was a failure for the club, but now it is ready to fight for the main trophy of the Serie A.
3. Napoli. The Neapolitans have been in great shape for several years now. The season of the Italian championship was a real success for the squad, but the team needs to do a lot of work to get back to the top-4.
4. Roma. The Roman club has been one of the main favorites for several seasons now. However the team still has a long way to go before it can get into top-6.
All the teams have a long list of players that they are looking forward to signing, and we can expect a lot in the next season.
Who Will Win the Title in Serie A?
This season, Juventus is the favorite of the championship. The Turin club is a real force in the Italian league, and its main rival is Inter.
Juventus has a lot to do in the upcoming championship. First of all, the players need to play better in the matches against the main competitors of the title. This can be done by:
* improving the game of the leaders;
* strengthening the team’s defense;

* developing the team’s attack.
Inter is the second favorite of Serie a. The new season for the Nerazzurri will be very interesting, because they have a lot more chances to win the title than they did in the previous season. However it is difficult to say that the club will win the championship this time.
Napoli is the third favorite of Italian football. The squad of the Neapolitan club has a great potential, and if it can achieve results in the domestic arena, it will be able to fight in the international arena.
Roma is the fourth favorite of Italy. The Roma team is in a good shape, and a lot can be expected from the squad of this team.
What to Expect from the Team in the Next Season?
The upcoming season is very important for the teams, because it will determine the fate of the champion titles in Italy. This season, Lazio is considered to be the main favorite of it. However Juventus, Napoli and Roma are also capable of winning the title this time, too.
In the upcoming campaign, the teams will have a great chance to show their maximum. The following players will be the key players of the teams:
· Icardinho;
· Juventus;
• Mauro;
● Cavallini;
If the team manages to get results in all the tournaments it takes part in, then it will have an excellent chance to win gold medals.
Will the Champions’ League be a priority for the clubs?
In recent years, the Champions’ League has become a priority of the clubs that are trying to get a place in the elite division. The tournament is a great platform for the Italian teams to show themselves and prove their worth.
Of course, the Italian clubs are not the only ones that are interested in the competition. The English Premier League and German Bundesliga are also very interested in it.
If you look at the results, it is obvious that the Champions tournament is becoming more and more popular among the fans.

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