The last few years have been quite successful for the club, which managed to win the Europa League and the Champions League. This summer, the club is going to try to get into the Champions’ League zone, but it is not going to be easy.
The main problem for Gent is the fact that the team is not very strong in the domestic arena. The club has been in the second division for several years already, and this is not the best place to be in the future.
However, the team has a good potential to get out of the crisis. The main thing is to improve the results in the international arena. If the club manages to get to the Champions’ League zone for the first time in a long time, then it will be a real achievement.

The club is a real contender for the title, but the main task for the team this year is to get a good result in the Europa league. The Europa League is a tournament that is very important for the clubs.
Who will be the main favorites of the tournament?
The Europa League has always been a favorite of the clubs, because it is a long tournament, and the teams have a lot of chances to win. The most likely candidates for winning the tournament are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
and, of course, the main favorite of all, the current champion, Real Madrid.
In the current season, the Citizens have been the most successful club, and they have won the tournament for the second time in three years. The team has been very active in the Champions league, and it has managed to get the most important trophies in the current tournament.
Manchester City has been the main contender for a long period, but this season the team managed to achieve a great result. The Citizens have a good lineup, which can be very effective in the long tournament distance.
Liverpool has also been a contender for several seasons, but in the summer the team was not able to show its best game. The Reds have a strong lineup, and if the team can get into a good shape, then this will be another great achievement for the current champions.
Real Madrid has also managed to become a real champion in the last season, and its main task is to win a third consecutive trophy. The current season was very successful for Real, and in the next season the club will try to repeat the success.
What are the main problems of the club?
In general, the problems of Real are not so serious. However, the players have to get used to the fact, that they are not the main contenders for the champion title.
There are several reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the lack of motivation of the players. The players are very busy in the national team, and their main priority is to qualify for the European Championship.
Another problem is the transfer ban. The Spanish players have been banned for a year, and now they have to find a way to get back to the team. The ban is not a serious problem, because the club has a lot to do, and there is a good chance that the players will be able to get over the ban.
If the players manage to get their act together, then Real will be quite capable of winning the champion’s title. The Champions league is a very important tournament for Real.
Will the team have a successful season?
There is a high probability that the club can get out from the crisis and win the champion’s title. There are several factors that will help the team to do it.
One of the most obvious reasons is a positive result in La Liga. The last time the team won the title was back in 1990. The previous season, Real won the championship, but they were kicked out of it by Barcelona.
This time, the Royal club will have a great opportunity to win in the Spanish championship. The Royal club has several strong players, who can be the key to the victory.
Besides, the Champions’s League is also a good opportunity for the Royal team to get some trophies.
Where can the team be in La liga table?
Real is in the La ligue table, but there are several problems that the Royal squad has to solve. The first problem is a lack of experience. The squad has been playing in the top division for a few years already.
It is not easy to get experience in the lower divisions. The second problem is that the squad has a bad form. The problem is not only the lack in experience, but also the bad form of the team leaders.
Many of the leaders have been kicked out from their clubs, and many of them are not in the best shape.
As a result, the results of the Royal are not very good, and so far, the season has not been successful for them.
But the Royal have a very good chance of getting out of their crisis. They have a number of strong players who can help them to get results.
They have a decent lineup, but if the players can get used the fact and become more motivated, then they will be in a good position to win La ligth table.
How can the club improve its results?
It will be very difficult for the squad to improve its performance in the tournament.

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